Why should you consider us as your preferred supplier?

  • We have over 20 years combined experience in the service and waste industry in the UK and Ireland.
  • PEL manufacture all machines and have competitive advantage.
  • UK delivery within 7 days from order on most products.
  • Parts in stock
  • Nationwide service network.
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance contracts supplied on all machines.
  • Free site survey and waste consultation .We will evaluate where you can save money on waste costs and show you how to achieve this.
  • Full training given by our field agents.
  • Performance and Reliability: Our products are built to ensure a long operating life, with each unit being constructed from high quality components to withstand continuous use in the most demanding of applications.

Why should you recycle?

  • Fast Payback: We will help you cut the rising costs of waste handling, storage and disposal by reducing waste volume on site.
  • Financial Gain from recycling: Large volumes of baled cardboard and other recyclable material can provide a new revenue stream

Baled cardboard is mostly free to be collected?

It is cheaper to produce cardboard, plastic, glass and cans from recycling than from producing from new hence these products are more in demand as commodities rather than being treated as waste.

Recycle for a more sustainable future:

Our products allow you to quickly and simply remove waste as it is produced, enabling you to meet best hygiene practices and create a cleaner and safer working environment.

Reduce your carbon footprint:

Less trips to your premises to collect waste means a reduction on carbon footprint and on emission taxes.

Recycle for safety:

Reducing waste volume reduces the possibility of accidents or fires started by loose cardboard and general waste in a cluttered environment.