PEL Bottle Crusher

The low height multi feed models BB06/BB04 are used back of house in outdoor waste areas, basements or loading bays.

These machines are suitable for high volume glass waste producers.



Mega Jaws BB06 Volume Fed Bottle Crusher with Extractor
  • Reduces bottle volume 5:1
  • Reduce glass to cullet size
  • Volume feed machine
  • Rated through-put: over two tonne per hour
  • Extraction system, filters fine dust created during crushing
  • Mobile for ease of movement
  • System used is low noise operation and highly energy efficient
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Small footprint

Patents apply to the PEL Bottle Crushing Range


Optional extras

  • Auto-start and stop
  • Galvanised body
  • Service & warranty contract
  • 110 Volt phase
  • Purchase option to rent or buy

Technical Specifications

  • H: 192cm
  • W: 108.5cm
  • D: 106cm
  • Weight: BBo4 195kg/ BB06 206kg
  • Certification: CE Certified
  • Power: 220v Single Phase (110v single phase if required)
  • Construction: Steel

Optional Extras

Bin Full Assembly

A warning light comes on to inform users when the bin is full. The lights act as a trigger for staff to change the bin.

Extraction System

The extraction system filters fine dust particles created during crushing. This enables the bottle crusher to be used indoors. Available on the BB06 & BB03